Rodica, 2013

Rodica Alecsandra - résumé


Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania,
        Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Fine Arts major, Specialization: Painting
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY, State of University of New York,
        AAS degree, Textile and Surface Design major



2010 – International Exhibition 2010 "Surrealism Now" [33] art catalog published by Fundacao Bissaya Barreto, Coimbra, Portugal ISBN No: 978-972-98795-9-3
2008 – Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Brooklyn, NY, "Celebrating John Milton's 400th Birthday" Group Show art catalog
2007 – Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra published Walpurgisnacht, oil painting by Rodica A. Miller, in the concert catalog 2007/2008, page 40-41, Leipzig, Germany.
2006 – Le Musée Galerie H.R. GIGER Switzerland Group Show art catalog.
1988 – The Unseen Attraction Force of Evil Solo Show art catalog with an introduction by Radu Ionescu, art historian and vice president of the National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania.

Art Magazines and Reviews:

2016 – The Mists of Youth Empty Mirror Art & Literary Magazine.
2015 – LEVURE LITTÉRAIRE Numéro 11 Art & Literary Magazine, France.
2015 – The Rift in Time, Empty Mirror Art & Literary Magazine.
2009 – Monograffi Fine Art Galleries, Metarealism, Rodica Miller.
2005 – Ionone World Painting 2005, Digital: Art & Technology: Sandra Miller, Adventure in Immortality, screenplay for 3D animation art film.
2004 – Ionone World Painting 2004, Digital: Art & Technology: Sandra Miller.
1998 - Chronogram, May 9, 1998, Temptation To Be Alive Painting Exhibition art review.
1993 – Luceafarul, #4 (152) Romanian Writers Art & Literary Magazine, The Graal Painting Exhibition art review by Corneliu Antim, art critic and journalist.
1991 – Luceafarul #23 (71) Romanian Writers Art & Literary Magazine, The Triumph of Death Painting Exhibition art review by Corneliu Antim, art critic.


2000 – Eminescian Resonances in Fine Arts, Publisher: Litera International Bucharest, Romania (Rodica Petrescu, page 104) ISBN 973-9355-54-4
1999 – New Art International - Surrealistic Billows: Rodica A Petrescu, Book Art Press Publishers, New York, Volume IV 1998-1999, NY, USA, ISBN 0-9653228-4-X
1996 – The Encyclopedia of Romanian Contemporary Artists: Rodica A Petrescu, Publisher: Editura ARC 2000, Bucharest, Romania, ISBN 973-97341-3-5
1991 – Eminescian Echoes in Fine Arts, Publisher: Editura Meridiane, Bucharest, Romania, (Rodica Petrescu, page 112-113), catalog 648) ISBN 973-33-0101-9

Short list of Rodica's exhibitions:

2020 – Artsy - Artbox Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland International Show,
2020 – International Surrealism Now, Center of Arts and Spectacle CAE, Figueira da Foz, Coimbra, Portugal,
2019 – Journey, Solo Show, GPL, Albany, NY,
2019 – the 13th International Surrealism Now exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal,
2018 – International Surrealism Now 2018, Coimbra House Culture and Chiado Museum, Portugal, European Union,
2018 – Artbox/Projects New York 1.0, Stricoff Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY,
2017 – The International Surrealism Now 2017 Art Exhibition, the Multimedia POROS Museum in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal, EU,
2017 – Visionary Alchemy, One Art Space Gallery, New York, NY,
2016 – The Mists of Youth, online Solo Show, Empty Mirror, Art & Literary Magazine, Bellingham, WA,
2015 – Canadian Society for Art of Imagination Show, Éco-Musée du Fier Monde, Montréal, Canada,
2015 – The Rift In Time, online Solo Show, Empty Mirror, Art & Literary Magazine,
2014 – The Living Water, podcast Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.
2011 – The Spiritual Essence of Art, ArtRom Gallery, Rome, Italy,
2010 – International Project Surrealism Now, Sant Anna Convent and Bissaya Barreto Museum, Coimbra, Portugal,
2009 – The Living Water, Touch Surface art project, Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil,
2009 – Sacred Art, Exhibition at Lofthouse Gallery, Wessobrunn, Bavaria, Germany,
2008 – Paradise Lost, John Milton’s 400th Birthday Art Exhibit, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY,
2008 – Fantasmus 2008, Exhibition at Galerie Brusen, Denmark,
2007 – The Annual Exhibition of the Society for Art of Imagination at the Mall Galleries London, UK,
2006 – SurrealismNow, International Surrealist Show online, New York, NY,
2006 – A Feast for The Imagination, International Show HR Giger Museum and Galleries, Chateau St Germain, Switzerland,
2005 – Digital Art Contest, MOCA, Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn, NY,
2004 – Art et Technologie, Patrimoine et Art Contemporaine avec la participation de la Faculté des sciences et techniques de Limoges, Saint-Auvent, France,
2002 – International Fashion Fabrics Exhibition, The Javits Center, Jacob K Javits Convention Center, New York, NY,
2002 – Senior Show, Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY,
1999 – Second Annual International Spiritual Exhibit, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE,
1999 – Members Art Show, Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY,
1998 – The Temptation To Be Alive, Solo Show, Highland Cultural Center, Highland, New York,
1997 – The Sixth Annual Art Competition Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY,
1997 – The 5th International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Art Addiction International Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden,
1997 – The 4th International Female Artists Art Annual, Art Addiction Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden,
1997 – The Great Escape, Solo Show McLaine Fellowship Exhibit, International House, New York, NY,
1996 – Red Fragonard, Solo Show Romanian Cultural Center, New York, NY,
1995 – Other Voices, Other Rooms, Solo Show American Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania,
1995 – Adventure in Immortality, screenplay for 3D animation art film for Art & Technology Experience, Film House No. 5, Bucharest, Romania,
1994 – The Sex of Mozart, SubReal, ArtExpo, Ministry of Culture, Bucharest, Romania,
1993 – Fine Art Treasures, Hazelton Fine Art Galleries, Cumberland Terrace, Toronto, Canada,
1993 – The Graal, Solo Show Goethe Institute, Bucharest, Romania,
1992–1991 – Mark Art Management, Travel Shows Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland,
1991 – The Triumph of Death, Solo Show Galeria Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania,
1990 – Contemporary Romanian Painting Exhibition, Beijing Art Museum, China,
1989 – Painting & Sculpture Municipal Salon, National Art Museum, Bucharest, Romania,
1988 – Salonul Artelor Plastice, Sala Dalles, Bucharest, Romania,
1988 – The Unseen Attraction Force of Evil, Solo Show Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania,
1987 – Painting & Sculpture Municipal Salon, National Art Museum, Bucharest, Romania,
1986 – Painting & Sculpture Biennial Exhibition, Sala Dalles, Bucharest, Romania,
1985 – Scenography Triennial Exhibition: Costume Design for Film, ArtExpo, Bucharest, Romania,
1985 – Drawing Exhibition, Atelier 35, Baia Mare, Romania,
1980 – Magistralele Realismului, Sala Dalles, Bucharest, Romania,
1980 – Painting & Sculpture Annual Show, Sala Dalles, Bucharest, Romania,
1977 – Painting & Sculpture Municipal Salon, National Art Museum, Bucharest, Romania,
1976 – Magistralele Realismului, Atheneul Român, Bucharest, Romania,
1976 – Group Show Diploma, Atheneul Român, Bucharest, Romania.